The Song of the Lord

Whatever has happened, has happened just fine.
What is happening, is happening just fine.
Whatever is to happen, will happen just fine…

What possession have you lost, that you cry for?
What did you bring to this world, for it to be lost?
What did you create, for it to be wasted?
Whatever you have taken, is taken from here..
Whatever you have given, is given from here..
What is yours today, will be another person’s possession tomorrow.
And a different person’s, the day after.

This is the law of the universe; the law of my creation.

[note: An excerpt translated from ‘the Geetha/Gita’ or The Song of the Lord ]

happy yellow sunflowers

A friendly piece of paper

The little piece of paper,
that I hurt with pen-tips sharp,
and ink, dull and cheap,
still cares, still loves me..
Listens to my heart, as it weeps
Wipes her tears,
with care and diligence.

notebook and pen


When the heart is heavy,

and breathe feeble;

When motivation is drained

and smile lost;

When hope is in hiding,

and love non-existent;

When confusion invades your mind,

and friends abandon you;

When loneliness is your only companion,

and fear, your shadow,

You know something is not right,

you know you are depressed.

White flower