“The story of a little girl” by Arun.J

A child of six goes to school, to learn to have fun and to learn to learn and learn. She draws a picture, paints it, and learns the alphabets.
She then reads a poem, listens to stories and has fun in her class. As she grew older, Math came in creeping…
She learns numbers, to add, to subtract and so on…, with fun in her class. While her teacher works hard to make learning as fun as possible,
She learns more, to ask questions, to think and to speak. The girl grows older and learns more. With the world teaching her more and more,
she goes to school every day. New things started creeping in. With things so new to her, she asks more and more questions, for, that was what she knew.
With her timid eyes, she gazes through her books with so many questions in her mind. But the poor little girl was given more and more explanations and answers.
She needed neither answers nor explanations, but inspiration. She felt she lost something in her pursuit of education. Days went by and the little girl grew older.
She learned a lot from the world and her life. For her, learning started mattering less than to get a job after study.
When her perspective changed, everything changed. She felt the burden of study more and more. She never had such a feeling, so she felt sad.
For, she felt she lost something en route her road of education. By then, she was filled with answers and questions started disappearing one by one.
Days passed by, and the girl grew older. At that point education started haunting her. Her ability to ask questions had died out and depression and sadness
were eating her out. She had never felt like this before. “This isn’t me”, she said to herself and started remembering her old days. After a little while,
something struck her. She found what she had lost on her way. It was fun. When learning lost fun, it lost its meaning.