Why sink when you can fly ?
Why cry when you can laugh ?
All you need is a hug
All you need is love
Throw that frown aside
And wear this shiny smile
There, look how gorgeous you are
Wearing this beautiful smile.

Seeds of poison

A child learns what it lives,
and lives what it learns.
Thought – the seeds they are,
sown – in a child’s mind.
“You may give them your love
but not your thoughts,
for they have their own”
so true, those verses, aren’t they?
The evilest deeds they are,
to poison a child’s mind;
for, the seed grows,
in his mind,
into a tree that seeds again.
wilting his innocence,
his heart and mind,
poisoning them all.
the same seeds are sown again,
in his children and
children’s children.
Can those trees never be uprooted
and seeds unsown?


It’s raining outside,and
I’m dreaming inside.
The wind is so cold,yet
I’m sweating untold.
Thunderclap roaring loud,yet
my mind silence vowed.
What would I write about?
I throw a glance at the sky,
At the streets, at the trees.
Not a word, nor a thought
Not a sigh, nor a wink
What would I write about?
And yet! There you are,
awaiting me,inspiring me
so on, so forth
and thus,was born
A piece of paper,
so full of words,
so full of life,
Of ink, Of tears
Of blood, Of sweat.
Who else would I write about?
but you! dear somebody!

“The Gift of Life” by Arun.J

Forget the world,
Forget yourself;

Look at the night sky,
the twinkling stars;

The world is spinning, and-
the clock is ticking;

The birds are singing, and-
your heart is beating;

Listen, Oh listen!
Listen to the music of life.

Forget the sorrow,
Forget the pain;

Forget the clamour,
the haunts your mind;

Feel the breeze, that-
cuddles you tight;

Feel the sweetness, of-
memories cherished;

Feel the music, that-
charms the air;

Amidst fairies and gnomes,
singing and playing;

The world cheers,
happy tears,

As you relish your gift,
The gift of life,

A life to live.

“Hope” by Arun.J

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In a butterfly’s wings,
In a child’s smile,
In my sister’s love,
In a friend’s hug,
In the flickering candle light,
In the beautiful night sky,
In the smell of early rain,
In the vibrant sun rise,
In a happy tear,
In a friendly laugh,
I see a fragile thing,
A promise of tomorrow, a happy tomorrow –
A thing called HOPE.