I have very little to say about me… Currently ,i’m a student of engineering with a passion for writing and a chess player striving hard to become a professional…


[August 25, 2014, India]

About me?

I guess our perspective about our own self keep changing with time as we constantly evolve in this ever changing world. From dropping out of college, to my startup stories, and chess adventures, there is so much that I might wish to say. But time and again, it isn’t always an easy question.

To simplify matters, Arun is a simple person with a kind heart, and firmly believes that education is the most powerful weapon that can help us become agents of change. He loves writing, chess and a lot more!

Please stay updated here: /site removed/

This site is not currently up-to-date!

Want to contact me? Tweet to @arunjchess

[March 15, 2015, India]

Now, I have a new site, please check it out:

Say hello to the Fish!



[March 17, 2015, India]

The decision to retire this site has been revoked 🙂

I’ll be active here!

(Note: This blog was inactive/dead for sometime)

[September, 22, 2016]

It’s been one long journey with this blog. I started wearing a mask too! I call myself “The Fish” or “A lonely Fish.”

Here’s what my gravatar profile says:

hello there,

My name’s Arun, and I’m the Fish behind this pen. I’m an explorer of different realms and I share my thoughts about chess, life, writing, and a bunch of other topics of interest, online.

Want to say hello ?


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