A Lonely Fish

Imagine a child wandering in a battlefield. Bullets, shrapnel and bombs pierce every inch of land, while our little child plays her favorite sport in close proximity to death.

Such a shocking, heart wrenching scenario may be happening even today in war torn countries like in the Middle East or Africa. But, what if it happens everyday, somewhere near you, except in a different perspective ?


Today’s society and its technology has transformed multi-fold in the last few hundred years. The sophistication of systems, language and ideologies have also grown tremendously. But has our mind evolved, at least a little bit of that ?

Knowledge has, and also the tools, but our minds are as vulnerable as they were a few thousand years ago. Our cave dwelling ancestors didn’t have high-speed internet, or television, or video games, mobile phones, or any sophisticated devices to keep them occupied.

Nor did they…

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