The little light bulb monsters
that flutter with wings.
Born by the seeds of curiosity
nurtured by action
(as if they die of laziness)
Sparkle with motivation
and break down in stress

IMG_1877 IMG_1886


2 thoughts on “Creativity – the birth of a poem

  1. Love the “little lightbulb monsters” (rolls nicely off the tongue).
    Love the title!
    Love the photos!

    Question: Do you often compose on a dry erase board? I don’t think I have ever tried to do that.
    [Maybe I will today?]

    Keep those moth wings fluttering,

    1. 🙂
      Thanks Holly.
      I don’t always write a poem on the white board. I love drawing and scribbling on it though.
      Today I drew this little creature, and wanted to write down all my thoughts before they disappeared from my mind. I also use it to write down the things I want accomplish.
      White board, or dry erase board is fun to use. Hope you like it.

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