Her eyes spoke
A language
My heart knew too well.

Love, it is called.
Not the one that gets people married,
But the one that makes eternal bonds – friendship.

Day 7: The Fish Who Wanted To Climb A Tree

A Lonely Fish

The forest, six years ago:

Several fishes, birds and different animals gathered at the forest one day. They all thought that the forest was magical and that it made everyone succeed. So the parents of these animals and birds sent them here, with high hopes.

The foxes of the forest ran the magical organisation that promised to enlighten everyone. Alas, they were cunning! They only cared about the goodies we brought them.

The foxes laid the ground rules, and hired different teachers. As per the rules, the learners had to undergo a series of lectures and tests. The animals that passed in everything are supposed to have qualified some standard and garners special respect outside the forest.

The teachers:
There were birds that taught the turtles to fly, monkeys that taught us fishes to climb trees and also the foxes that taught the snails to hunt.

There were also weird cases like the wild…

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Day 8: The tune that my heart sings.

A Lonely Fish

My heart sings a melancholic tune, as I tread the different walks of life and observe the different kinds of people. My friend in this journey is my loneliness, who walks besides me like a shadow… whispering in my ear now and then…

“This one looks like a friend you failed to make”

“oh look how happy they are! ”

“wow, look at all those smiles 🙂 What about your smiles? Where did you lose it? ”

There goes another day… Will someone say hi?

~The Fish

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