Feel without think, can you?

My mind, numb from thinking,
feels not, any tiny emotion.

That runs, weaves and plays
between a heart and another.

Keeping them connected,
As happy human creatures.

Never have I understood it
Never have I imitated it….


Or perhaps this is an illusion,  The one weaved, by the mind.

The confused

I wanted to do something… Yet I didn’t want to do it.

I craved for something… Yet I wanted something else too.

I wanted to become someone…. Yet I also wanted to become someone else too.

I seem to be a creature of confusion. That, I am sure!

Decisions are waiting to be made. Life is waiting to be lived.

The decisions of the past are dying because of lethargy or inaction.

The decisions of the future also craves action.

What do you do in such a state? Take a break? 

Perpetual emptiness

The perpetual emptiness,
the approaching work deadlines..
The slow build up of stress…
The gradual sinking into a state of worry….
the gradual breakdown of sanity…
The creeping purposelessness.. unloved, unwanted…
What do you do in times like these?


It was 3 am then…
He slept in a cradle of pain,
As the demons of the night haunted him..
Mosquitoes, they were called…
Hunted in packs, died in their dozens.
He’d rather nuke them to death
Than endure this anymore.
Only in his cove can you find
Walls and floors smeared in blood
From the dying devils of the night.