Three hours of solitude — Arun.J

The bell has rung ,and
it’s time for the final trial.
They call it ‘exam’, and-
I call it ‘fate!’
those – three hours of solitude.
You never taught me the ‘why’s’
you never taught me the ‘how’s’
data,data- that’s all you give.
and that’s all you expect.
A college for college’s sake,and
teachers for teachers’ sake,
that’s all you’ve got
and nothing more.
You hide your mischief
behind numbers, behind data.
You call it placement, and I call it job
that does nothing but outsource me.
You play business,
you play politics,
but, this isn’t a game
but a student’s life.
Is money all that you care about?
whenever you’re going to change?
until then,
sem’ after sem’
year after year,
three hours of solitude.