“Worry” by Arun.J

Like a ghost, you grip me-
Making me lost,
in my own thoughts
and afraid,
of my own memories.
It feels, as if,
I were in a dream…
In the woods of thoughts and memories,
alone and lost-
between somewhere and nowhere.
The depressing cold wind,
The pleasant old music,
drizzling emotions.
The climate, as sad as I.
I wander… and wander….
looking for nowhere.
empty silence everywhere,
making me feel,
as aloof as the moon.
the rays of hope, shone,
from the distant moon
and the happy stars.
Tears spill as words,
in a friendly piece of paper.
makes me think..
more and more..
Am i stalemated, i wonder..
Perhaps,.. Life is not chess-
I can just play,
a simple waiting move.
I must remind myself-
“It is time to fight back”


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