“A child and the butterfly” by Arun.J

A child is like a butterfly in the open……..
It flies swiftly around meadows , plants,flowers and follows the beautiful morning rays of sun shone on the little
pink flowers,
It is not bound to any restrictions- As free as the blowing wind.
She flies happily in her own path…
A path she chooses on her own.
It remembers its days in the cocoon, gaining wings and strength to face the world.

Children in the early years are like the larvae in their cocoon.
And the cocoon, I believe, is EDUCATION, without which, a child is like a boat in the mighty ocean without an oar.
Bad education is a flawed cocoon. Luckily, the butterfly builds its own cocoon
but we ought to build one for our children and children’s children. Why not build a better one….?


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