“Desolate young child” by Arun.J

A child is born, rejoice, but remember, that for every child, it’s mother is not just a mother, not just a care taker but the first teacher. The parents need realize this or, insanity, as the child writes, a few years later, comes creeping in… He knows not what it means but he feels it. He learns what he sees and lives. He seeks answers and wanders in the mighty ocean of life without an oar. An incompetent first teacher teaches him to teach for himself. Though facts are widely know, it is common to see people with traumatic childhood because of the incompetency I just mentioned. The person becomes a child’s child because the former child knows not the lessons she need learn in life. Such is the foremost reason the latter child gives as the root cause of the creeping insanity. The child feels like Alice’s Hatter. From the world he learns, not just good but bad, but still doesn’t realize it. Aeons pass and he realizes everything but his path, to be “ back to normal ” he says, haunts him to death, but he fights back valiantly and blooms again armed with sweet memories, bitter lessons, and sour depression pills…. searching… for a new meaning to his life.  depresseed child