The Moon

A Lonely Fish

My head hurts!

My heart aches!

The path ahead is obscure. Shattered pieces of my dreams laugh at the futility of my effort. My wallet is starving and there’s a famine in my bank account. The innocent child-smile though still lingers happily on my face, perched to its favorite place.


Warns a hidden fear, as I tread past a graveyard of ambitious habits. Valiant, yet sloppy, they met their end.

Where am I walking ? Crawling perhaps, in this dark alley, with only an aloof moon to give me company ?

Hunger knocks at my door.

I start to feel the faint tap.. tap.. of my heart against my chest, like a prisoner trapped in a coffin for eternity.

I looked up..

…… The Moon

[A page from my diary. It may be continued]


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I am a candle

A Lonely Fish

We’re all candles
melting away
we’re all clocks
ticking away.
Every moment
Every minute
Every second
How pessimistic,
yet how realistic.
This impermanence,
is what is permanent.
Make the most of what is left
For life is fragile
Because every single day,
you’re moving towards your grave.
Waste no time,
for time is life.

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Fish and the magical wish

A Lonely Fish

A conversation with the Fish,
and a magical demon who wants to grant him a wish. 
If you can zoom into space, 
where would you like to transport yourself now ? 
Where? Why ? 
Describe the space, Will you ? 
If given a choice, 
If given the magic, 
where would you like 
to transport yourself? 
before you wish, 
listen, listen 
to my words. 
It might be to places
beyond imagination, 
or memories,
sweet and cherished. 
To places, hazardous, 
or unimaginable
To places, where 
you met your friends. 
Choice is yours. 
now, let your mind wander, 
into the field of dreams,
SO, you could write,
and write and write and write.
But wait, oh magic demon.
I, the poor guy,
have neither loved ones,
nor wishes.
seems the only companion
I’m waiting for.
What do I wish for ?
What do I cherish ?
Where do I travel ?
Oh, poor…

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Why sink when you can fly ?
Why cry when you can laugh ?
All you need is a hug
All you need is love
Throw that frown aside
And wear this shiny smile
There, look how gorgeous you are
Wearing this beautiful smile.